Achievement Program

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The WMC Achievement Program allows students to  be recognized for their continued commitment to music. As with traditional subjects, students strive for Honors, High Honors, Distinction and Artistry categories. at the spring recital all enrolled students will receive certificates for the number of years that they have studied their instrument. in addition to Supplemental Experience offered at Wharton Music Center, students may submit experiences outside of the center with approval from the Education Department.

Program fee: $30

Our recognition program will reward your well deserving student for all the hard work they put in throughout the year. All students will receive a certificate congratulating them on their years of study. Students participating in supplemental activities such as music theory, musical theatre productions or auditioned ensembles will receive awards commiserate to their breadth of study.

  • Participation in 1-2 Supplemental activities: Years of study certificate with Honors.
  • Participation in 3-4 Supplemental activities: Years of study certificate with High Honors.
  • Participation in 5-6 Supplemental activities: Years of study certificate with Distinction.
  • Participation in 5-6 Supplemental activities and successful completion of solo recital: Years of study certificate with Young Artistry.

In order to determine successful completion of all requirements, supporting materials must be submitted by April 15, 2016.

Download the Achievement Program Ensemble Approval Form and Second Instrument Approval Form.